About us

The company Pet Way is an innovative company that provides pet care services and products.

We have focused on respecting animal rights and sustainable ways of living in urban areas.

In order to achieve this goal, we came up with the idea to be active in the field of environmental protection, the healthy development of animals and to promote non-violence to animals.

The mission of the company is to become a strong professional organization that operates in the Republic of Croatian and the European Union.The goal is to achieve stable management and the highest quality of business standards, long-term cooperation with public authorities at national and local level in terms of animal protection and animal rights, education of people, environmental protection and sustainable lifestyle.

The company is developing in the direction of action for the common good.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality of service, for which we are working hard to meet and surpass all our customers’ expectations.

The company Pet Way is the general agent and importer of world famous products for dogs.

Here you can find the web pages of a web store that will lead you through unique products in a simple manner.

General agent:

We work with kennels and over our web shop we enable you to purchase puppies with pedigree, and with this we offer training services for early socialization of pets and, if desired, additional forms of training (safeguarding property, defense and attack, which can last up to a year from the beginning of the purchase…).

With our web shop we also provide dog-walking services with GPS tracking (individual and group), training, and dressage. More about these services you can see here:

Pet Zagreb is a Pet Way brand.

One of the activities of our company is dog walking dogs with GPS tracking as a proof of the walk, where the client is e-mailed a route of his dog in the form of an image with parameters that include distance and time spent interacting with the environment.We use our own android application and waterproof GPS devices that will go into commercial sale in early 2017.

Our loyal customers can realize the benefits of a card under the name Pet Way.

The concept of our benefits card includes many partners in order to receive a rebate for you as dog owners to help you provide your pets with adequate health care, nutrition, hygiene, insurance of dogs, property and transport of animals by Taxi.

We thank all our customers for their trust.