How does the delivery work? How is the delivery performed?

  • the shipping cost is not calculated automatically when purchasing a product
  • issued invoice has the price of the purchased products and the price of delivery
  • cost of delivery is not shown in the cart with the price of the product, the price of delivery is listed on the billing page and will be charged later
  • cost of delivery to the Croatian territory (except for the City of Zagreb, Daruvar and immediate surroundings) is HRK 35.00, regardless of weight and volume (delivery of larger packages by GLS)
  • for orders over HRK 800.00 shipping cost is fully borne by Pet Way SLLC
  • term of delivery of products, where it is stated that they are in stock, on the entire area of Croatia is 5 working days from the date of completed orders, except for products with a special note
  • term of delivery of products, where it is stated that they are in stock, to Croatian islands is up to 6 working days
  • in case of changing the delivery date or any other important circumstances for the execution of the order, the customer will immediately be notify by the staff of Pet Way SLLC.
  • delivery by GLS Croatia, with SMS notification of delivery of the package on the day of delivery where the customer can arrange a delivery time
  • delivery by the Croatian Post refers to small products, card benefits and gift card for which the standard price list of HP d.d. applies
  • Za međunarodnu dostavu potreban je dodatni dogovor sa našim prodajnim predstavnicima. Cijena dostave ovisi o udaljenosti i masi pošiljke, u skladu s pravilima i cjenikom kurirske službe
  • Delivery of products and dogs is availabe within Croatia. The customer is entitled to free delivery ih order valute is above 800.00 HRK


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In case of complaints, damage during shipping, errors during data transmission or some other defect, please contact us within two working days after receiving the shipment. If an item is delivered my mistake, the buyer is obliged to return that product undamaged and unused in its original packaging within seven days and PET WAY SLLC for services and sales , commits to resend to the customer the product which was originally supposed to be shipped or a replacement product at the same price and component feature.

Refer the complaint by e-mail to, written within the legal deadline of 14 days.


Complaints are legitimate if:

– items are not delivered as instructed in the order

– items are damaged during delivery

The buyer is responsible for checking the validity of the order and comparing the received items with the receipt. In case something is missing, the buyer should immediately notify  PET WAY SLLC for services and sales because late claims will not be taken into consideration.

All complaints will be resolved in consultation with the client or the consignee.

A contract can be unilaterally terminated within 14 days without stating a reason.

If you unilaterally terminate this contract, we will refund the money we have received from you. Refunds will be made in the same way that you made the payment. In case you want the refund in another way the amount paid does not bear any costs in relation to the refund.

Refunds can be executed only after the items have been returned to us or after you provide evidence showing that you have sent back the merchandise. The cost of returning the items for the first time and sending replacement items will be entirely borned by PET WAY SLLC for services and sales. You are responsible for any impairment of the items as a result of handling the items other than what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the items.

Written complaint from the consumer

In accordance with Art. 10th century. 1st to 3rd Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14).

We inform consumers that a written complaint which expresses their dissatisfaction with respect to the purchased product or service provided can be submitted in our store or delivered by mail to the following address:

Pet Way SLLC, Stjepana Radića 24, 43541 Sirač, or sent via e-mail at:


In accordance with Art. 10 para. 5 of the Law on Consumer Protection (NN 41/14), on your written complaint manifest we will reply in writing within 15 days of receipt of your complaint.


In a written complaint, please write your name and address that will be used for replies.

Delivery of dogs

For the safety of our partner Breeders, we do not publish names, location, information about the owners of the breed. Also dogs trophies won at national and international competitions and other personal information are not made public due to the increased theft of dogs in the EU with the aim of introducing purebreds in dog fighting and exporting them to the third countries.

All our partners are recognized breeders with the FCI.


Delivery of dogs is available by ZOO taxi mobile licensed pet transporter.

The price of delivery in Croatia to 250 km is 500 kn. All km’s above are calculated with 3.50 kn per kilometer + toll in both directions.

Transport rate for out of the country transport increases by 10%.